The theme of the conference on production personnel and inspection personnel for the quality of the products and the question in dispute 

Meeting personnel Gao Shihong, Wang Bin, Sun Gang, Chen Fucai, Liu Na, Li Li, Sun Hai 

One, in the evening of March 13th technology monitor Sun Gang informed and NC monitor Meng Qingbin disputes through: on the night of March 13th, I returned to the company, quality inspection staff report on the CNC monitor Meng Qingbin products to me (Futian) quality are not allowed to grasp, I should judge. I tested the products not up to standard, giving not qualified evaluation. Meng Qingbin was knocked to destroy the product, so the dispute. Employees have resistance to the QC inspection, has found that three of employees have this phenomenon. Now the inspector found quality problems can't and production staff said, finally let me go, afraid of offending people.

We will determine the quality of the products quality inspector basis in where? Production monitor in hate QC, production staff also hate inspection staff, production staff of seized goods mood. What is the test? What should we take in the test?

In two, Chen Fucai assembled monitor bulletin March 13th day shift and QC staff Li Hong dispute after March 13th day: BK product assembly, long time no test. 10:30 Li Hong test finishes called me, I was busy. After a while I the past, Li Hong told the rework. The afternoon sun, just find me, reworked products are still not qualified. Li Hong and I said: "live (rework products need to defeat a) shouldn't we do, let us rework to standard told me, we do not know to what extent the rework. Different customers, different inspection requirements of product standards, to cause the staff processing is fluky psychology. The inspector to check, a lot of things inspector is uncertain, and the inspector dispute mainly in quality and not between dispute. When the quality of the products in question is, inspection personnel to try to say used to discuss the tone and production staff, to where I do not clear, clear.

Three, workshop director Wang Bin analysis on two matters in dispute: whether the supervisor or manager say right and wrong, we should go to the execution, have different ideas in the implementation process, to actively communicate and managers and leaders, not because it does not understand, do not agree with, not to enforce. We are all old colleague, few stayed together for four or five years, many stayed together for seven or eight years. Because everyone together too familiar, I now have the consciousness and you separate the relation of life and work in the. Work, to adjust their mentality, to want to do from the perspective, from the perspective of.

We found the problem, solve the problem to make a model from the perspective of what to. He didn't thought of, it does not matter, it make how to do, I do, to adapt to the environment, to adapt to the leadership. Quality is dry out, not seized by the inspection function is, as long as there is no product batch reject it. BK product, from the company's point of view to consider, it is necessary to consider the cost, the expense, the test is not low, but a low, the quality of the products will be a burst of a thousand miles. Try to think of a way to solve the problem, but don't dwell on a petty dispute. In four, Gao Shihong Minister of the two incidents were analyzed and improvement measures of this phenomenon is proposed: in 1, we must pay attention, we use what influence ideological subordinates? Is a good idea, is advantageous for the company, thought, or bad thoughts, even harmful thought to the company? Our good thoughts on the monitor, the impact on employees have diminishing effect, there is no funnel effect? Cadres at all levels of leadership including me, must have the consciousness to guide them. From these two things, we did not do a good job in the quality awareness of employees to guide, monitor, staff quality consciousness in the fall. In 2, Chen monitor and inspector dispute, not when the face of employee.

When the face of employee, the employees will follow suit. You said that you do not live it, it is right? Is a monitor of the say? You said, do not know the standard, the sample? Employees don't know, you don't know? If a worker is no problem, we should do? So the work of cadres to have the initiative, we will go to the organization, management, training, guidance in itself it is our duty to conscious. 3, in a matter of attitude, Chen monitor your attitude to the QC, as a monitor to inspector such communication, right? Quality is our service, you help us, we do this to people. QA, QC and production between the communication also has problems. Monitor (Meng Qingbin) why take products to ask the sun just, why can't the on-site inspection decisions? We must change the idea. In 4, we should remember a bit, quality problems, cut the head who, who is responsible? As long as the quality problems, the production must be responsible, you have to produce 100% qualified products, quality assurance will be missing? 5, in QA department, to the front end of the rear end of the inspection, sampling, inspection together, forming an organic whole, to systematic. To strengthen the goods seized power in front of the. 6, in questions about Meng Qingbin, as a monitor, he this time is not suitable. Director Wang, you think about it, to investigate Meng Qingbin's motives, if impure motives, to give the corresponding punishment. For s rafter to severely crack down on.