In May 3, 2012, fire drills, was held in a sunny afternoon, technical department, business department, production department, participated in the fighting action. This action so that employees understand how it is used to fire extinguisher. On the occurrence of fire prevention has been improved to a certain extent. 1, the performance of fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher is used for the initial fire fighting, now our school is equipped with two types of portable fire extinguishers.

(1) 1211 fire extinguishers, agents which are installed liquid Halon, can save fuel gas, electrical and wood, cotton and other types of fire. Can also save precision instrument of fire.

(2) dry powder fire extinguishers, agents which are installed powdery ammonium phosphate salt, can save fuel gas, electricity, oil and wood, cotton and other types of fire. 2, fire extinguisher use method The above two kind of fire extinguisher is used the same way, will fire near to the fire place stand in the limelight fire (1) the pin is pulled in one hand and hold the nozzle.

(3) on the other hand clenched in press,

(4) nozzle at the bottom of flames. (three) to participate in the matters needing attention in fire The scene is more complex, the place. To quickly and effectively to put out the fire, must be unity of command, to ensure the combat coordination and fire, avoid fighting force, better to complete the fire fighting work. 1, obey orders in all actions; 2, pay attention to their own safety, avoid casualties; 3, water charged fire fighting, you must first disconnect the power supply, strictly charged to save; To prevent twisting and bending 4, when using the hose; 5, the liquid fire (gasoline, alcohol) can not be directly sprayed surface, from near to far, in the surface 10 cm bursts, covering the burning surface cutting flame; 6, pay attention to the protection of the site, to help the cause of the fire investigation.